Hi social centre enthusiasts,

Great news!! Inspired by the success of the Mill Road Social Centre, and after a brief Tesco-enforced holiday kicking it in the Caribbean and swotting up on the squatters’ handbook, some people have just moved into the Rose and Crown with the intention of turning it into a social centre!! This once-pub is located on – wait for it – Occupation Road 🙂 So, not Mill Road. Sorry.

For anyone who doesn’t know the Rose and Crown, it’s just off the Newmarket Road – East Road roundabout. Map here: http://tinyurl.com/6accht

There’s apparently plenty of space, nice stuff, electricity, and an ongoing search for the water stop cock. The police have already called round, and everything appears to be in order.

If anyone wants to call by and get involved then that’d be brilliant! It’s not always possible to rely on the owner giving people three months to do what they want, so please come and help clear the place / fill it up with useful things, and get it usable as soon as possible. More info when it’s available.

we’ll sort out the “mill road” flavour of our electronic presence in a bit, honest. For now, get down there and find that water stop cock.